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Bringing Your Vision to Life

On this page you can see a list of some of our past projects, you can click on the play icon to play the associated videos of the projects directly on our website or click through to go watch it on YouTube.


This is a docudrama supported by UNICEF and to create awareness about HIV/Aids

My Brother, My Sister

This is a TV Series shot in Kenya to create awareness about the genetic constitution of individuals. The Kenyan government supports the initiatives

Farming Reality TV SHOW

This is a farming Reality TV Show supported by Corporate Farmers International and IITA (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture)

Agro Return ads

This is a TV commercial for Hillside Farming.

Realvest Ads

This is a TV Ad for Pertinence Real Estate UK

Step Aside

Step Aside is a musical video.

Love is knocking on my door

This is a musical video

Secure ID

Promotional video for Secure ID

Think Politics, Think people

This is a short docudrama the Nigerian government supports to campaign against election violence and manipulation.

Youth Vote Count Mega Concert

This is a concert for the youths to get their PVC and vote.

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